News dd:COLLECTIVE - "The Changing Retail Environment" Recap

On January 24th we hosted our first dd:COLLECTIVE of the year on "The Changing Retail Environment" featuring Refinery29, Gilt MAN, and Of A Kind. Most of the discussion focused on emerging trends in retail tech leading into 2013.

The top 4 trends discussed were:

1) Storytelling - Invest in video, images, and text to tell a compelling product story and drive customer loyalty and engagement.

2) Replicating the In-Store Experience Online - Focus on platforms and experiences that take steps towards creating a similar emotional connection as shopping in-store.

3) The Rise of Mobile - Think mobile first. That's where the consumers are.

4) Don't Forget Brick and Mortar - Brick and mortar's are using online strategies to drive engagement offline and in-store.