News dd:SOCIAL "Touch Publishing" Presented by Flowboard

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News dd:COLLECTIVE - "Music Ecstasy: The Future of Music APIs, Apps ...and Drinks" Presented by 7digital

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News dd:IMPACT Conference - Coming May 30th, 2013!

We're proud to announced the first dd:IMPACT conference of 2013!

dd:IMPACT is a half-day, bi-annual conference created by Digital DUMBO showcasing digital innovation that fundamentally disrupts, evolves and advances business and culture.

At the first dd:IMPACT of 2013, "Groundswell: The Next Wave of Content," we'll explore how the most successful companies and brands in the world are using content and platforms to spark movements and increase their bottom lines.

We'll examine how content allows creatives to work more closely with digital teams to create new products, partnerships, and businesses through the next wave of campaigns, experiential activations, curators, storytelling, media formats, platforms, and more.

The panel discussions will feature industry leaders from brands like The New York Times, VICE/Virtue, The Onion, MINI USA, Pulse, Digg, R/GA, Artsy, Cowbird, Narratively, Fohr Card, and more!

RSVP (Tickets are Limited!):
Speaker Bios: Visit

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